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Step 3: Now Sign the Positive Allies Declaration

So you have read the Positive Allies Declaration, have attended our free training course, and you now have a senior person in your organisation who will now sign the declaration. Remember, this person will help to drive forward the Positive Allies Declaration in your organisation. Now, it is time to sign the Positive Allies Declaration. We welcome you keeping in contact with us to tell us what you have done in your organisation, and we would be thrilled to receive photographs, case studies, and more, which we can put on our website and social media to celebrate your success.

Some of the many organisations who have attended our training and have signed the Positive Allies Declaration so far, are:

Risedale School - Sarah Cox

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service - Kevin Thompson

ReportOUT - Drew Dalton

Welsh National Opera - Alison Woodward

University of Sunderland - Justine Gillespie

National Grid - Lisa Waterhouse

Newcastle University Students' Union - George Watkins

Could your organisation be next? Let's eliminate HIV-related stigma together!

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