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Step 2: Attend Our Free HIV Awareness Training Course

We are excited that you want to take the next step and sign up for the Positive Allies Declaration to show how inclusive your organisation is. To help you with this process, we offer FREE HIV and AIDS Awareness training for all organisations who are about to sign the declaration. We recommend that you sign the declaration after you have attended our training course. You should send key members of your staff and/or volunteers (how many, is up to your organisation - but we recommend everyone). However, this must include the named senior member who signs our declaration.

How good is our training?

We have received excellent reviews of our free HIV and AIDS Awareness training course from attendees - this is part of you signing the Positive Allies Declaration (note: all ratings are correct as of November 2023)

How did you find the teaching and delivery by the facilitator?

Average Score: 10/10 

How did you find the resources used by the facilitator?

Average Score: 10/10

How would you now rate your confidence when discussing HIV?

Average Score: 8/10

Looks great! How do I sign up to the training?

Our HIV and AIDS Awareness training is held four times per year and it helps your organisation to gain a fuller understanding of the background of HIV and AIDS, the nature of living with HIV , stigma around HIV, HIV and employment, and more. Our myth-busting course covers the following:

  • Definitions of HIV and AIDS.

  • The history of HIV and AIDS.

  • How the virus works and how we treat HIV.

  • Stigma and HIV.

  • The legal aspect of HIV, with a focus on employment.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Your next steps to sign the Positive Allies Declaration.

Interested? Good! Go to our events page and sign up to our next planned course.

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We signed the declaration!
"As a global human rights organisation, Positive Allies is a visible symbol of our commitment to all who volunteer with us"


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