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Respect. Support. Educate.

Want to tackle HIV stigma in your organisation? Sign up to our NEW global declaration today!


What is Positive Allies about?

Founded in 2018, Positive Allies started as a free and unique charter mark, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. We have since developed into a powerful and impactful global declaration for organisations to sign. We also offer free training to organisations who sign our declaration.


The Positive Allies Declaration shows that your organisation is friendly towards, and inclusive of, people living with HIV and that you actively challenge HIV stigma. No matter the size, type or shape of your organisation, whether you have paid employees, or volunteers, this declaration applies to you.

By signing our declaration, your organisation is showing that it is HIV-friendly with an environmental ethos of tackling HIV-related stigma in all its forms.

We signed the declaration!
“We can now demonstrate our commitment to staff, students, or applicants who are living with HIV that we are proud to be an organisation fighting HIV-stigma"
University of Sunderland
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