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How do you get the Positive Allies Charter Mark?

Positive Allies is a free and unique charter mark, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

The charter mark shows that your organisation is friendly towards, and inclusive of, people living with HIV and that you actively challenge HIV stigma. No matter the size, type or shape of your organisation, whether you have paid employees or volunteers, this charter mark applies to you.

By gaining this charter mark, your organisation is showing that it is HIV-friendly with an environmental ethos of tackling HIV-related stigma in all its forms. If successful in gaining Positive Allies, we will provide you with:

  • Copies of our logo to use for your website, letterheads, and more.

  • Social media backgrounds for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Social media content to announce your applications success.

  • An electronic certificate for your organisation.

Our five steps to success will help you to apply to become a certified organisation to hold the Positive Allies Charter Mark. 

Step 1:
Named Champion

Your organisation needs a named champion

Step 2:

Key members of your organisation must take part in our HIV and AIDS Awareness Training

Step 3:
Policy Changes

You will need to integrate your policies. We will provide you with an example

Step 4:
Developing Positive Allies

You must show that you will go beyond that of training and integrating policies

Step 5:
Annual Report

Your organisation will need to submit an annual report to our panel for feedback 

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